In the journey through the rhythm, the charisma, and the multicultural musical scene, Yurgaki is keen to take you through the rich limitless diversity of Latin America

Founded by the musician and composer Nicolás Cristancho in Colombia in 2005, Yurgaki mixes the traditional Latin American music with the frenetic sound of the city. 
While looking at the music of the Pacific Coast, Yurgaki is a melting pot of different musical influences from several regions of South America to create a new unique taste of rhythm. Since then Yurgaki  released 4 albums and performed in Equador at the Wankabeats Festival, the Fabrica Imbabura, and The Café Democrática del CAC with the appreciated support of Puerto Candelaria band, one of the most significative presence in the independent music scene in Latin America.
In Barcelona Yurgaki maintains its indipendent role in the Latin sound scene while taking the mood of the Mediterranean city which always have been a powerful melting pot for new elements of sound to join.


Upcoming Events

  • Fiesta Salsera de Barcelona
    Marula Café
    11 ene. 2020 22:00
    Marula Café, Carrer dels Escudellers, 49, 08002 Barcelona, Spain