Yurgaki at La Nau Barcelona

Live with the GBJA Bigband Dortmund
A collaboration with the Glenn Buschmann Jazz Academy of Dortmund, Germany. 
Nico Yurgaki plays a piano solo over McCoy Tyner´s “Fly with the wind”. 
Arrangement of: Miroslav Hloucal, Director: Uwe Plath


I believe teaching is an interchange with the aim to build tools with the students and allow them to communicate and augment their artistic intentions throughout a deep and rigorous work of research. To give them space and support for developing their own artistic personality, not just throughout the training of diverse techniques of playing instruments and writing music, but also through self-questioning.
I teach piano interpretation, composition, harmony, and body music.
Here are some examples of my work with body Percussion, Pacific Colombian Music, and other Pedagogical materials.


Living in Europe since 2009, I worked in Spain, France, Italy, and Germany, as a composer, music producer, and arranger collaborating with artists linked to traditional Latin American music. I helped to open new possibilities for innovative sounds, with different groups and artists such as La Gozadera, Nega Lucas, Camdombre Tierra, Chonta Dura, and Sones de Marimba.


In recent years I have began interdisciplinary collaborations with artists in the environments of dance, theater, video, and film.
This has given me the opportunity to explore a new dimension of creative work in which I am interested continuing to deepen and for which I am in permanent look for collaborations.

In 2020 I co-founded the Cistifellea Collective, together with director and media artist Elena Tilli where I actively participate as sound designer and live musician in the performances we create. With Cistifellea I designed work such as Asuntos Humanos (2021), El Silencio No Existe (2020), and Agresion y Dignidad (2022). The work is been presented in Barcelona in public theaters